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  • 8:00 PMIn-person! Event Horizon Series presents The Quantum Eraser Experiment, The Equinox Project and William Fields
  • 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM Event HorizonpresentsThe Quantum Eraser Experiment, The Equinox Project and William FieldsThe Equinox Project is the meeting of acoustic and electronic, with the electric guitar representing the nexus of both. It was conceived on the autumnal equinox, the day of meeting for the summer and winter halves of the year, the day of equal parts darkness and light.

    William Fields (b.1977) is an artist and musician from the Philadelphia area whose work explores the intersection of algorithmic composition, improvisation, and audio-visual correspondence. William graduated from the University of Delaware with degrees in Computer Science and Philosophy. He has been making electronic music for over 30 years and generative visual art for more than 10 years. Recently William has focused on developing his own unique audio-visual performance system. This system can instantly generate music using a set of custom algorithms. This process of “augmented creativity” facilitates the discovery of new and interesting musical possibilities. William steers the system in real time, sculpting the music through improvisation. A visual representation of the music is also generated by the system, creating a synesthetic experience through tight correspondence between music and visuals. William’s music has been released internationally on labels such as Conditional (DE), SUPERPANG (IT), Tokinogake (JP), ding\ndents (KR), Kaer’Uiks (DE), 3OP (FR), and New York Haunted (NL). He has performed live throughout the United States and Canada. His work was selected and choreographed for dance as part of the International Computer Music Conference (ICMC). His recent project FieldsOS, an algorithmic music radio show consisting of 24 hours of original computer-generated music, received wide acclaim within the electronic music community.

    The Quantum Erasure Experiment aka Dan Hamilton, grew up in a house where his mother and sister played the piano day and night. Without any formal training he began to emulate what he heard. It was due to his lack of musical training that he was forced to learn how to play by ear. In doing so, his ability to pick apart the sounds that he heard grew over time. In the early 2000’s he was able to combine his love and knowledge of electronics with his love of sound. With the resurgence of modular synthesizers, he was able to acquire the hardware tools he needed to be able to carve up and manipulate different sounds at will. It was at this point that The Quantum Eraser Experiment was born. Playing under this persona, he eliminated all predefined genre rules and instead plays completely improvisational and reacts to what he is hearing instead of playing something predetermined. This makes every performance unique and completely unexpected to him and the audience. The outcome of playing this way could turn out great or terrible, but it’s always interesting. He has played live shows in NYC and is a regular performer on WLFR 91.7 FM Stockton University and WPRB 103.3 FM Princeton,

    Admission is FREE

  • 10:00 AMIn-person! West Craft Fest
  • 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

    West Craft Fest returns to The Rotunda this holiday season! The TWO-DAY Fest is December 3 & 4, 2022 with DIFFERENT VENDORS, both indoors and outdoors, on each day! 10am-4pm both days. 

  • 11:00 PMOnline! Chuck van Zyl: Livestream Q&A and Concert Performance 11PM-6AM EST Saturday December 3 into Sunday December 4!
  • 11:00 PM - 6:00 AM

    Chuck van Zyl: Livestream Q&A and Concert Performance 11PM-6AM EST Saturday December 3 into Sunday December 4!


    To be “on the air” with Chuck and Jeff during Q&A at 11PM on December 3, join us on Zoom. This is for the Q&A only. Registration is required for the Zoom only. please register at:

    If registration fills up for the Zoom, you can still watch the Q&A at

    Everyone can access this same link at 1AM to view the concert!

    Every Saturday Night/Sunday Morning from 1:00AM until 6:00AM will find Chuck van Zyl presenting the live broadcast of Star's End - WXPN's legendary late-night radio program of Space music. With the December 4 broadcast being preempted by special programming Chuck has a rare night off and will spend it at ElectricLattéLand, beginning with a Q&A at 11PM moderated by Jeff Towne and joined by friends and fans from far and wide, and then embarking upon an epic live Electronic Music concert to fill the five hours usually occupied by Star's End.


    Realized in the specific poetry of the Berlin-School sonic creations by Chuck van Zyl draw on a unique understanding of texture, atmosphere and scale. With its deep-space gateways and brilliant sequencer breakdowns, from the heights of heedless improvisation, on down to its quietly consuming fields, his work opens a zone of one's own. Gliding the spaceways, Chuck van Zyl presents pulsing passages of rhythmic flight. Slow chords hold forth, while cycling sequencer notes echo out amidst lithe keyboard leads. As synthesizer harmonies rise and fall, in passages dark and light, an unexpected beauty emerges. It is in this remarkable realm that we are asked to give in to the sensation of sound and connect with our inner realm.


    Perhaps best known as host of Star's End - one of the world's most revered radio programs of Ambient Music, or as founder of The Gatherings - Philadelphia's premiere concert series of innovative music, Chuck van Zyl has also been producing his own electronic realizations, in collaboration and solo, since the mid-1980s. He has played live at a variety of venues, and issued numerous studio works and concert recordings - all in service to an enduring impulse for expression. His ambitious five-hour concert endeavor from ElectricLattéLand will mark the completion of a year’s long aspiration.


    The Rotunda presents a Free real-time livestream event on Saturday December 3 into Sunday December 4, 2022 from 11PM-6AM (EST). Featuring a casual Q&A followed by a five hour performance by Chuck van Zyl, this special online event originates from ElectricLattéLand in Philadelphia.

    To be “on the air” with Chuck and Jeff during Q&A at 11PM on December 3, join us on Zoom. This is for the Q&A only. Registration is required for the Zoom only. please register at:

    If registration fills up for the Zoom, you can still watch the Q&A at

    Everyone can access this same link at 1AM to view the concert!


  • 10:00 AMIn-person! West Craft Fest
  • 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM West Craft Fest returns to The Rotunda this holiday season! The TWO-DAY Fest is December 3 & 4, 2022 with DIFFERENT VENDORS, both indoors and outdoors, on each day!10am-4pm both days. 
  • 8:00 PMHPrizm, Rainbow Crimes, and Ishtar Sr.
  • 8:00 PM - 10:30 PM H PRIZMISHTAR SR.RAINBOW CRIMES$10 donations, all are welcomeHPRIZMAn accomplished MC, poet, beatmaker, producer, programmer, and sound engineer, H Prizm’s musical projects range from global jazz to eclectic experimental hip hop. Best known as a member of the groundbreaking, legendary rap group Antipop Consortium, H Prizm’s solo work has expanded the producer’s sound palette in dramatic ways. At the core of his music-- through the layers of dense noise, pummeling beats, and esoteric underpinings-- is soul, a relentless groove that connects listeners with the music intimately. This sound is bombastic, wild and unfiltered; like ghetto blasters at 11 exploding in kaleidoscopic bursts of color and shit. Frankly, the shit is wild-- rappable but trancey, technologically driven but organic and spiritual, a collision of future and past that must be experienced.On December 4, we bring HP to the Rotunda in west Philadelphia to share his vision with us. It will be an audio display like none other, live in a surround sound with a warm system and chill environment. Much like HP’s Rebel Broadcast-- a nearly weekly event that sees him going live on instagram (@hprzim) displaying new beats and rhythms-- this show will stick with you for months after. Join us in the future, discover new approaches to sound.Interview conducted by curator Alex Smith: links: SR.Philadelphia is a mass of hardened coals, smashed by systemic chaos and a sometimes overwhelming brokeness, but every once in awhile, a this music community will produce a gem, a diamond from all that pressure. Ishtar Sr.’s music wavers from hard, pulsating experimental East Coast hip hop to dreamlike, cinematic cyberpunk soundscapes-- she is both the diamond and the coal existing simaltaneously, creating a kind of hip hop that’s at once jagged and ethereal. Their set will be comprised of material spanning their vast, eclectic catalog, as playful art-beats dance with tripped out vocal excercises. We are looking to have this phenomenal performer in our midst. CRIMESNoisy, chaotic, dollar-bin 90’s cut-out indie punk meets 2000’s shambolic soundscapes. RC is cyberwitches, ex-members of Trophy Wife, Solarized, and Ex By V., this trio takes stream of conscious weirdo post-everything and hones it into odd shapes, into cascading sounds.
  • 8:00 PMIn-person! Bright Bulb presents a Double Feature! 2020's HELL OF A HEARTACHE w/ Dir./Star Rob Burson in Person plus HIGH TIDE (1987)
  • 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM Bright Bulb presents“Inconvenient Kids” Double Feature!HELL OF A HEARTACHE (2020, director Robert Burson, 88 minutes, U.S.)(EAST COAST PREMIERE! with co-writer/director/star Rob Burson IN PERSON for Q&A!)HIGH TIDE (1988, directed by Gillian Armstrong, 104 minutes, Australia)Rob Burson's 2020 indie drama HELL OF A HEARTACHE introduces us to Bobby Thompson, a musician whose fleeting success in country music has trailed off to small town bars where the alcoholic singer shakily holds things together. Barely responsible for himself, Bobby's hazy life comes into sharp focus when a old fan stops by and leaves her twelve year old daughter with him, swearing he's the father. We see father and potential daughter cautiously size each other up in his beat-up motel apartment while they wait the 10 days for the DNA results in the mail.HELL OF A HEARTACHE is a rarest and most rewarding kind of cinematic small miracles. Shot in Northern Arizona in 17 days with a minuscule $10,000 budget, co-writer/actor/director Burson and his small crew finessed all the details to create a beautifully-sustained and haunting drama about fading dreams and possible redemption. In the spirit of humanistic filmmakers like John Sayles, Ken Loach and Sean Baker, HELL OF A HEARTACHE captures the rich details of its characters and community without falling into false nobility or easy sentimentality, delivering a story that imbues a generous dignity and humor to people on society's margins.Scripted with the film's gritty locations in mind, HELL OF A HEARTACHE has a great sense of place, an engaging cast of native actors and a particularly beguiling performance by Burson as Bobby Thompson, a man near the end of his rope with only a dogged sense of gentleman's grace keeping him from hitting bottom. It's a role that would give a seasoned actor a workout but the fact that Burson could so fully inhabit such a complicated character in his middle-aged film debut is the biggest miracle of them all, making us root for a guy who seems almost done rooting for himself. The film also features a memorable turn by Genesis Van Parys as Sophie, the may-be daughter, embodying the inner resourcefulness of “adult” children forced to deal with their parent's irresponsibility. The chemistry between Burson and Van Parys is the kind that is not easily manufactured and by the time the film reaches its end, their relationship has its hooks in you.- - - - - - -HIGH TIDE is one of the highpoints of underrated Australian director Gillian Armstrong's fascinating career. After wowing audiences in Australia and beyond with the films MY BRILLIANT CAREER and the pop musical STARSTRUCK, Armstrong was woo'd to Hollywood to direct Mel Gibson and Diane Keaton in the 1984 period prison drama MRS SOFFEL (a film ripe for rediscovery). When the film's European style failed to find an audience upon release, Armstrong returned to Australia with the desire to make a smaller, personal drama in which she'd have full control.She would rejoin the award-winning actress Judy Davis (made a star by Armstrong's debut MY BRILLIANT YEAR) this time as a back-up singer for a obnoxious Down Under Elvis impersonator. When Davis' brattiness gets her thrown off the tour, she ends up in a small beach town where her mother-in-law is raising Davis' abandoned daughter.Armstrong is at her peak drawing on all the metaphoric possibilities of the ocean blue melancholy beating the shores of this little beach town, witnessing the always enthralling Davis as she seeks to transform herself from boozy background singer to something resembling a mother.- - - - - -Seating is limited.Follow brightbulbscreenings on Instagram, Facebook
  • 6:00 PMOnline! Free Workshop - Planning Your 2023
  • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

    Planning Your 2023


    Part of the The Bigger Picture 2022 Workshop Series collection

    Get your planners and calendars ready! Map out the coming year with us.


    Identify your goals for 2023 and break them into achievable tasks

    Plot your tasks on a timeline or calendar for 2023

    Create a plan to keep yourself accountable

    This workshop will help artists plan and goal set for 2023.

    Registration is FREE and required. Please register at

    Access to workshop replays will be available to attendees only.

    The Bigger Picture (TBP) is a new workshop series in partnership with The Rotunda, offering free monthly resource workshops for artists and art organizations, facilitated by local artists and creative entrepreneurs.



  • 8:00 PMIn-person! Bowerbird presents Matt Davis’ Aerial Photograph. The ensemble will perform Davis’ recent compositional suite, The Sway of Rivers, exploring the elusive nature of time: how it is inconsistently felt, marked, and expressed in sound.
  • 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM Bowerbird is pleased to present Matt Davis’ Aerial Photograph. The ensemble will perform Davis’ recent compositional suite, The Sway of Rivers, exploring the elusive nature of time: how it is inconsistently felt, marked, and expressed in sound.Established in 2002, Matt Davis’ Aerial Photograph is a “wildly imaginative” (Jazziz Magazine”) ensemble that explores the intersection of jazz, contemporary classical and folk music, as well as social, cultural and historical observation through aural histories. Described as “Inspired” by Downbeat Magazine and “Eloquent” by JazzTimes, the group has performed throughout the eastern United States, as well as in China and South Korea. The instrumentation of the group varies, but often consists of a string quartet, guitar, bass, drums and several wind instruments. Aerial Photograph’s original repertoire is inspired by the cultural pluralism that is fundamental to American society. The compositional process begins with communication: Davis conducts conversations with communities that include senior citizens, recovering addicts, children, immigrants, religious believers, community volunteers, incarcerated, homeless, teachers, caregivers, and artists and musicians. These conversations are recorded and are then woven into compositions that endeavor to express the feelings, emotions, and stories that are shared. The resulting music gives audiences the opportunity to find points of connection to the music, and to experience familiar or unfamiliar communities in a new and engaging way. The Sway of Rivers is in the process of recording, and is slated for release in 2023. This new music brings several new elements to the mix, including home-made percussion instruments, vocals, and new approaches of expressing forms and time in music.This is an “in person” event.   In consideration of the ongoing pandemic and the safety of those in our community, Bowerbird is requiring all audience members, staff, and performers to wear a mask while inside the venue (please note that musicians will have the option to perform without masks once on stage).Admission is FREE/pay-what-you-want. More info:
  • 8:30 PMOnline! Sylvia Platypus Live from ElectricLattéLand!
  • 8:30 PM - 10:00 PM Sylvia Platypus Live from ElectricLattéLand!You can catch the livestream here: the band:If Edith Piaf partied with the Yardbirds on a windswept moor, the result might sound something like Sylvia Platypus. Sylvia Platypus is Philadelphia's (and possibly the world's) only psycho-celtic glam-blues band. Take the distinctive vocals and unusual poetic sensibility of Janet Bressler, add the soul-searing lead guitar work of Bill Barone (formerly of the 1970's era German symphonic rock band Wallenstein), the solid rhythmic foundation of Ruchama Bilenky (bass) and Quirky Tom Theurer (drums) and throw in some wailing highland and uilleann piping from Charlie Rutan ("the Eddie Van Halen of bagpipes"*) and you have an original sonic signature that rattles the cage of "genre".This event is FREE but tips are MORE THAN WELCOME for the band. Just Paypal @Sylvia platypus during the performance [or any time, really!].You can catch the livestream here:
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